Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy

Ultimate Social Media Strategy with YouTube

Almost every business, large or small is engaged in some form of social media marketing today. Let us take a moment to ask ourselves a pertinent question, what is Social Media? Many people confuse Social Media to mean the use of Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. Unfortunately for many businesses there is confusion between the tools of social media and the science which is social media marketing. We do not blame these companies, because we have been with the best in the marketing business on this topic via Webinars, the likes of Ryan Deiss, Jeff Johnson, Frank Kern and there is no doubt about the power of social media and its benefits for any business large or small.

One of the most tangible benefits of social media marketing is to help websites rank very well in search engines like Google and Bing. However in Search Engine Optimisation there is no single known SEO expert who talks about how they use social media marketing to put their customers onto the 1st page of Google. This is very fascinating because almost every successful SEO company uses Social Media Tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There is a secret formula which nobody talks about because it is so powerful. This SEO formula will blast your website onto the 1st page of Google and we would like to share this with you.

Social Media Marketing PowerHouse using YouTube and Google+However before we get there, let’s talk about YouTube, the least used of the Social Media Marketing Tools. As a business you should have a customised YouTube Channel for interacting with your customers. You will ask us why? The answer is quite simple, YouTube Videos can help you create a bond with your current and future customers, it will help customers spend more time on your website (we are assuming you will also be putting these videos onto your website), dominate the 1st page of Google, double your sales and get new clients and there is also the potential for your videos to go viral as a result of which your business will never be the same. For a Video to go Viral there are 13 steps that you need to follow, however we will not bore with all these details.

The Social Media Marketing Principle will just work like the law of attraction or the law of gravity, whether you believe it or not. When applied they will work regardless of who applies them. Now before we reveal this powerful formula that is used by very few Expert Marketers, we will like to break it to you in the way Napoleon Hill gave the secret of wealth in “Think and Grow Rich”. It is a combination of the right Social Media Marketing tools that will give you this result, but you will need to discover this combination yourself. However it took us a few months to figure out how to apply this formula.

Amongst the most powerful of all Social media networks there is one Social Media Marketing Tools which is not used very well by businesses. Twitter is the network where everybody talks and very if any ever listens, whilst Facebook is the tool you talk, some people listen and some speak. YouTube is the most neglected of all, however it is the only tool where you speak and everybody listens, so why is this Social Media tool not being used more often?
It is very simple because most businesses do not consider YouTube to be a powerful Social Media Marketing tool, unfortunately we will beg to differ. YouTube is the only Social Media tool where you can interactively and proactively answer your customer’s questions and concerns if used properly and it is also the only tool that has the potential to make your brand rank higher in the SERP while it is educating/informing your customers about your products and services.

This powerful SEO formula that we talked about in the 1st part of this write up, will help you even in company’s Retailing SEO campaign, bearing in mind Retailing SEO is one of the toughest in Search Engine Optimisation. Combine your website (it must have unique and quality contents), with your YouTube Channel that is linked to your Google Plus Social Media presence, you can be sure to outperform any competition for a specific set of keywords or “keyword phrase” ideally you just want to target 3 keywords per article. However there is an order that you need to follow to make these three ingredients work for you. Plus you need to publish your contents at a specific frequency for both your YouTube Videos and Google+ contents and there is another item in this conundrum which we have missed on purpose for you to find out and this needs to be part of your website content.

This powerful SEO formula that combines the power of two Social Media Networks will let your business be on the 1st page of Google search engine for any keyword and any topic your content will be indexed on within two to five days if used in the right order. For the best Search Engine Optimisation results use your website in conjunction with your YouTube Channel and Google+ with few and sometimes no backlinks to outperform any competition.

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