YouTube Branded Channel for Businesses in Peterborough

Why do you need to create a YouTube branded channel for a business?

A branded YouTube channel is a must for any business that takes its marketing seriously. Because today videos are the number 1 online activity. YouTube is the 3rd largest website in terms of traffic on the Internet at the moment. It is one of the most searched websites on the planet, with millions of people spending hours moving from one video to another. Take a look beyond the entertainment value and you can see its real potential as a powerful tool for your business growth. As the second biggest player in Social Media Marketing and the number one platform for online video distribution, YouTube should be a very important part of your marketing mix.


What are the benefits of a branded YouTube Channel

The internet has transformed the way we do business. Traditional broadcast marketing is being replaced with highly targeted online marketing. This allows you to speak directly with potential and existing customers, maximising customer acquisition and retention. There is no better tool with regards to video marketing than a branded YouTube channel.


A branded YouTube channel allows the creation of a YouTube page that is customised to reflect the brand of your business. YouTube is one of the best branding tools available on the market today. A YouTube channel adds a human voice to your business. You can use it to share valuable information about your products and services, to educate your marketplace, to answer common customer services questions, to show testimonials – the possibilities are endless.

A branded YouTube channel will enhance your company’s professional image. Videos are produced by an expert, who will help you to share your message with a wider audience. With a very large number of members and site visitors getting direct access to your video, your branded YouTube channel will generate many leads that would otherwise be impossible to get.

YouTube Branded Channel for Businesses in PeterboroughYour professionally produced branded videos will be fully optimised to appear in normal Google organic search result. This will be a real boost to your website traffic and will magnify any other online marketing that you use. That said, your video does have to be a true representation of your business. It is a window into your company, a testament to your work. No effort should be spared in creating an effective, entertaining and informative piece. Poor video will most likely leave you presenting a poor message and misrepresenting your business. However a professionally branded YouTube video will be viewed by thousands and, aside from attracting more clients, you will create real brand awareness for your business.

YouTube Video or Vimeo Videos are fully optimised to also appear in normal Google organic search result and this will be a real bonus to your website. Your YouTube branded video marketing efforts will pay more dividend than any other form of marketing that you have used so far. Video Marketing is never done in vain, thus a full on approach is needed when taking on this project. Your video does have to be a true representation of your business. They are the eyes into your company, a testament of your work, thus no effort should be spared in creating an effective, entertaining and informative piece. It is not advisable for you to spend a little on creating a video, as this will most likely leave you presenting a poor message and misrepresenting your business to the outside world thereby getting you very few views on YouTube. However a professionally branded YouTube video will be viewed by thousands and aside to that fact you will attract more clients, you will also create real brand awareness for your business.

At the end of the day, the time, effort and energy you put into creating an incredible “video of value” is far more extensive than sending out a quick tweet or updating your Facebook profile. The beauty of our solution is that it is not expensive and uses very little of your time. Your branded YouTube page will be taken care of by professionals who will organise at least one new branded video each month for your business. Of course, if you want us to create more videos a month we will be more than happy to help you.

If you truly care about communicating with and informing your customers about your products and services, then we can help you transform your business. Call us today on 01733808404 to get your own branded YouTube channel.

YouTube Branded Channel for Businesses in Peterborough.