Social Media Marketing For Serious Business Owners

Does Social Media Marketing Really matter?

In 2008 during a discussion with a group of people about Social Media Networks, there was a  general perception that this new phenomena was just a fluke, with the general concensus being that someone was trying to make a quick buck. But when asked that same question again today about Social Media Networks and Marketing, we will tell you it is the best idea since sliced bread.

Today 90% of Businesses and Managers when they think about Social Media Marketing, they immediately think that because they tweet and are on Facebook, therefore they do Social Media Marketing. This is really funny because Social Media Marketing is about people; it is not about Twitter or Facebook, because Twitter and Facebook are just tools that allow you to achieve your end goal i.e interacting with your customers and potential new customers.

Social Media Markerking For Businesses At a recent Social Media Marketing Mastermind  held in USA in 2011, there was an enviable attendance list of Top Marketers in this crowd that really knew what Social Media Marketing was about, with each Marketer having at least 3 to 5 Fortune 500 companies under their belt as a customer. The interaction and the exchange of ideas was very good, however it must be pointed out that at no point did these experienced marketers dwell on Twitter or Facebook as the be all of Social Media Marketing. The various discussions were centred on how to effectively utilize these tools to make our clients better positioned for the future and growth of their businesses. Amongst the lead speakers at that discuss was Kelly Feller who is Intel Strategist for Social Media. It must be noted here that these giants do not join the bandwagon of a topic unless the topic of that discussion is serious and critical to the outlook of the future of their company. It therefore follows that they are embracing this topic because they know this is the way forward with regards to the future of Marketing.

New Marketing cannot be done without any Social Media Marketing Strategy

The way Marketing is done, has dramatically changed since 2010; there are many channels and tools available to Marketers to get their message across and for businesses to really interact with their customers in the way that was not possible previously. This means having a greater opportunity to tap into a market that can potentially change your business forever. However the key to Social Media Marketing is continuous testing, and more testing.

As a company, iTM have created around 1001 strategies for Marketing and many of these Marketing Strategies are centred around using Social Media Marketing to get your messages across this vast untamed beastly crowd in a most sincere and genuine way. We have devised a strategy that allows our clients to adversite on Facebook for as little as 10p per ad, to as many as 10,000 people. This is just one example where we can show how you can use the power house of Social Media tools to get the love you deserve from your customers.

Recently we decided to test one of our tools for a client who at the beginning was very sceptical about the power of Social Media in relation to this business. His lack of relative success online previously was largely to blame for his scepticism. We implemented a combined strategy using Facebook in  combination with Google+, the strategy was for us to melt everybody’s heart by using Facebook in the way it had not being used before. By combining it with Google+, we created a unique point of contact and connection with his customer base which rapidly increased his visibility much more than our forecast had envisaged within the time frame set by us.  At the moment he is one of the most successful people on Google+. As you can see although we put two strategies in place for him to grow his business using two distinct tools: Facebook and Google+, with Facebook being the primary strategy and Google+ the backup, our analysis of the results threw up a new twist, placing Google+ as the more successful of the two strategies employed in this instance, as it created more leads and more revenue. Thus it must be said that everything is about testing and testing. There is no one size fits all in this fast evolving medium of communication and interaction.

Today Social Media Marketing has moved forward again, it is different from 2010, there are new strategies that are being used online to attract the customers who are already used to traditional methods of marketing businesses online. For example 95% of people who tweet, mainly send a message about themselves, when you follow them all you receive are personal messages; unfortunately this is not the right way to gain peoples trust. We live in the age of self gratification therefore it is about the other person not you.

We at iTM can only make a call for action for businesses that are not presently interacting with their customers using Social Media, to immediately put a strategy together today that will help your business move to the next level. Our sincere advice is to make sure that you put the interest of your customers 1st  and you put yourself and your business second in your interaction and you will see the power of Social Media Marketing working wonders for you and your business. Now remember you have fantastic tools to help your Social Media Marketing Strategy, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter use them wisely to get people to know your business, however do not forget to use your website for blog marketing.

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