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Local Internet Marketing Strategy

What is Local Internet Marketing?

You must be wondering what is Local Internet Marketing, it is Internet or Online Marketing that focuses on local businesses, using the powerful 365 Marketing program from NewvisionMarketings (a USA Internet Marketing Company which has a powerful Marketing program that combines  Local, Online, Social Media and Mobile Marketing) we will be assisting our customers with their Internet and Local Marketing needs. Our Internet Marketing plan will be tailored to the customer’s niche market to help your business marketing needs and growth. Over 80% of the population between 18 and 30 surveyed in UK and USA, uses the Internet to  search for products and services and 85% of the people surveyed uses the Internet to find local services and Google is the new Local Marketing king as it replaces yellow page. Moreover 20% of all Google search are local map searches that convert automatically to a sale. These statistics means that if your business is not online, it  is really missing out on potential customers who will bring you extra revenue.  Our Local and Internet Marketing program will be laser focused to help your effort to grow your business. As subsidiary of NewvisionMarketings we will use  proven tools and strategies that will help your business growth like never before. Our Internet Marketing Solutions includes:

Local Internet Marketing Services

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IT Service Solutions

Our IT Service Solutions 

Our IT Service Solutions are vendors neutral, you will be benefiting from  17 years of  IT experience and various vendors/partners to help grow your business based on your needs, not on our love/affinity for a particular manufacturer. We deliver an IT Consultancy services that uses leading experts in Internet and ISP setup, specialists and Field Engineers who will work together with any ISP to deliver the highest standard  IT solution at the best price. All our IT solutions are design with maximum performance in mind and at best cost possible. We have an expertise in delivering a full range of IT solutions using the best wireless technology or LAN technology combined with a very strong security protection.   Our Expertise come from years of experience working with the best blue chip companies in the world. Our IT solutions and support are listed below:

IT Service Solutions

IT Security

IT Managed Hosting

IT Solutions

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Peterborough IT Security Experts

Is your IT Security ready for 2012?

IT Security Expert
As the person responsible for the 1st Software as a Service (SaaS) in The Print and Publishing industry, As have learned early on the importance of the IT Security within the IT Infrastrucure design. During this transition period, a management decision was also taken to deploy the 1st infrastructure as a Service platform (IaaS) for the above industry, and both projects were a success. Because we transitioned from a traditional to a cloud computing based IT infrastructure. One of the key factors to this success is the fact we put the IT security at the top of our agenda.

Why do you need IT Security Experts?

In IT infrastructure design, it is very easy to put the security of your infrastructure aside and just concentrate on the scalability, availability, performance manageability and efficiency, which the visible part of any IT infrastructure design. However, being also the IT Security officer of the company, I felt it was my duty to secure the network by isolating the backbone or core of the network from the service providers’ edge network and our own enterprise edge network. The result was a very complex, but secure network design.

Today, the level of IT security attacks on the Internet is far more sophisticated than 3 years ago.

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