UK IT Solutions

Why do we need another IT Solutions company?

Unfortunately the truth has to be told today; most of UK IT Solutions Providers are based in London or  along the M4, therefore when you need a service and your company is based around the A1, you need to find a consultancy firm that will send someone from London. This is the reason after 17  years of experience with the best brains in the field; we have decided to create an IT Solution platform that delivers the best quality of service  and importantly one which is based in middle England.

Our IT Solutions combines most of the key skills that deliver the ultimate results for customers. It is our core belief that  an It solution provider needs to master the following topics:

  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Desktop Computer, Mobile Devices and Tablet
  • Support and Monitoring
  • Virtualisation technology
  • Linux and Unix
  • IT Security
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Data Management
  • Development
  • Storage Solutions based on SAN or NAS

To be a very effective troubleshooter and find application errors or effectively  manage your company network, making sure that users can securely and remotely connect to your infrastructure without compromising your network and data the above skills are needs. IT professionals face multitude challenges in the new environment because of the introduction of new technologies that have changed the face of IT in the last three years. Mobile Devices that can access all data in your corporations, Tablet devices that have the same processing power as desktop computers, Voice or the Internet (VOIP), Virtualisation platform like VMware, Wireless technologies that can outperform traditional LAN technologies.


Why a UK IT Solutions Company beyond London

This is why we believe that we can complements most of business IT Department in our region of England by offering them the expertise they may not have with these new technologies.  Most of IT specialists just stick to what they know and new technologies are not on their Agenda until the technology becomes de-facto norms, at which point it is too late to learn this technology because you will be playing catch up. We have a great deal of experience of old and new technologies and can advise on how they can inter-operate, our job is to educate on what can be done and what cannot be done within an IT Solution Design and which direction the technology is  heading, this is why 95% of our customers will re-use or recommend our services. We give impartial advice on the technology because we do not get any commissions from recommending one solution against another. We review our UK IT solutions to provide the best service possible to our customers.
UK IT Solutions