IT Security Hardening Perimeter

IT Security Perimeter

Many companies only rely on firewalls for their IT Security Perimeter. However here at iTotalMarketing using our 9 steps process allows us to secure your perimeter in a very unique way. As you may or may not know, on your infrastructure you will have Internet Gateway, WAN Gateways, LAN, Remote access Servers, Servers and workstations running an OS and each running applications that are accessible by users from the local, remote office or even the Internet.

Most of companies believe that by hardening routers they have locked their system from intrusion and Security Harden their Perimeter, but this is just a partial solution. Additional measures must be taken to mitigate computer risk. For example, it is easy to implement an access list on a router to block all HTTP traffic. However, filtering certain websites while allowing others is not a task for which a router is designed for, some IT security team filters email attachment from the router, but again this is not the purpose  of a router, it is very important to have an in-depth security strategy to help  defend your IT infrastructure network in more robust manners.

IT Security Method

Our IT Security Hardening Perimeter method includes a full network scan, an Internet B2B hardening, WAN interface Hardening, Switching Hardening, RAS hardening, OS Platform hardening and applications Hardening. Applications tends to be the week link in the all company security strategy because they are not patched as often as they should because of the possible  lost of functionality in the new versions. We have recently experiencing a lot of functionality  for our UK website because one system was not patched and the reason behind this is just we did not want to loose the functionality associated to the website which seems vital at the time, but turn out to be a very costly mistake. Implementing SANS 505 and SANS 566 method and Cisco Hardening principles we are able to Security Harden your perimeter and DMZ to give your business the peace in mind it needs. Call us today on +441733 808404 to discuss with one of our Security Consultants.

IT Security Hardening Perimeter