IT Managed Hosting

What is IT Managed Hosting solution?

Our IT Managed hosting solution is suitable for small businesses or local businesses that are looking for a secure and reliable platform to host their website with a Local IT Managed Hosting Provider in their local area while they focus in growing their business. We provide the following list of services to suit the needs of our customers:

Websites Design

We help customers select the feel and look of their website and power them to provide us with contents that will be delivered on this website, we then optimise the contents both for website visitors and Search Engine crawlers. For all our designed websites we complete an extensive full keyword research to make sure that you domain matches your products and services and your keywords and keyword phrases are relevant for your website and we also register this domain for you and renew it at the end of each cycle.

Websites Hosting

We provide a unique package that will help you grow your website without worrying about its management, security and patching. We take care of those tasks for you, while you focus on growing your business, all the Websites hosted in our platform are fully Search Engine Optimized – SEO.

Application Hosting

Depending on the type of applications, we can host these applications for your businesses, if our platform does not allow us to do so, we will recommend a channel partner who can assist you with this endeavour. Our Advice shall be based on the best solution that we know off to help you with this need, not on our relationship with a particular provider.

Managed Firewalls

Your firewall is the gate to your network therefore it needs to be locked down to prevent external users from gaining access to your network, but it needs to be flexible also to allow your internal users to access the internet securely and safely.

Mail Hosting

We can assist you with your email needs if we host your website at our Managed Hosting Platform service to make sure that your email system uses the same domain as your website, this is very important for businesses who will be interacting with you through the internet. We have seen some businesses like Facebook who want to receive an email from the same domain as your website when trying to claim a page with your website domain name.

DNS hosting

We have our own DNS servers that are very secure and will allow you to register your domain without too much fuss. We will take away this burden from you and at your request we can also give you access to manage your own domain using Cpanel, however if you do not want to manage your domain, we will gladly take care of this task as well as the renewal of your domain.
iTOTALMarketing is in the process of Building is own dedicated IT Managed Hosting Datacentre, if you are interested in this hosting service please call us today on +441733 808404.

IT Managed Hosting Provider.