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Are there many ways your Business Can usually benefit from Email Marketing?

Even when you’re already managing an effective business, you might be surprised to find out your company can benefit greatly from orchestrating a highly effective Email Marketing campaign. I recently joined a Webinar with the most highly paid Online Marketer on the planet, I am always interested in what others are doing in the field of Online Marketing, this is how you learn and see if there are other things that you should be doing. In his Webinar he echoed my view that there is nothing new in the Marketing field, we are just changing from a traditional medium to this new medium which is the Internet. Now I know traditional Marketing tends to yield about 1,000 more revenue from the initial investment, guess what is their medium of choice?

Email Marketing

Why all these experts use Email Marketing Strategy?
An Email marketing campaign has a variety of advantages such as the ability to reach an international audience, a number of different marketing options at the tips of your fingers and a chance to deploy many marketing strategies with very little investment compared to what you need to invest with TV/Radio ads to achieve a similar result.

Here at iTotalMarketing we have being studying all information about Email Marketing starting from the beginning of 19th century. But then you will tell me that emails became popular just around 1974 in the developed world. Yes this is correct but at the beginning of the 19th century, postal mail was used to achieve what we are trying with Email Marketing now. We are looking on how Email Marketing may benefit your business.

For a lot of business proprietors probably the most prominent benefits of Email Marketing is a chance to reach out to an international audience with minimal effort. While traditional marketing techniques for example television ads, radio ads and ads in publications media are usually specific in a rather small geographic area, Email Marketing can tap an international audience, especially when you live in a multicultural country like the UK or USA or Africa.

You’ll be able to tap into a massive crowd using Email Marketing, which is not possible using other marketing techniques, you can object that everything is possible today, and I agree, but it might be a lot more complicated to deliver the same result, most likely involve starting promotional initiatives in a number of different marketplaces.

We believe by combining Email Marketing with other Marketing techniques like Social Media Marketing, SEO Search Engine optimisation, SEM and Local Marketing, you can reach out to a very large audience with limited financial investment. But this requires powerful effort and coordination; here at iTOTALMarketing we have tools that can help achieve this objective.

We can deliver instantly via Email Marketing and make it much simpler to get your message to a wide ranging audience, where people can know all about your business with literally only the click of the mouse. The action of creating the ads for the Email Marketing campaign is considerably more involved, and when this is accomplished, reaching people with your message is fairly simple.

The key to successfully reach out a large audience with Email Marketing is to get the title of your Email right. Now we are not talking about spamming your customers here, we are talking about your business interaction with current customers or previous customers. Our strategy is to send to a group of people who know your business and will most likely patronize your products.

Aside to Email Marketing, the other strategy that we use in our business is to publish a mail-newsletter with products information along with other marketing materials. This is a more informative way of keeping in touch with your customers and this strategy has been very successful for us. These mail-newsletters typically feature a minimum of one thorough article in addition to a couple of shorter articles which either offer helpful tips or review of products. For a comprehensive Email Marketing Strategy please call us today on +441733 808404.

Email Marketing Strategy for Businesses