UK IT Consultancy

Whey do you need a UK IT Consultancy service, when everything is becoming plug and play?

A friend of mine though he did not need a UK IT Consultancy  when he was  building  a new premise for his business, that cost him over a million of pounds, the building is stunning, but one key thing is missing to make this a complete master piece: structure cabling which was not thought of at the time,until the building was almost complete. My friend’s perception had been that structure cabling can be done at any time once the building is completely finish. Now when you go inside this building, the beauty of this master piece has been reduced because of the unsightly cables that appear in places where they should not. This is why you should consult a UK IT Consultancy firm from the beginning of the planning phase.

We have today various technology strategies to boost performance of  local networks, but the key to harness this power is the use of our Expert local IT Consultancy firm to advise you on the best practices. These IT Consultants experts  have been working with technologies for years and they know where the technology  is going in the coming years. With the introduction of reasonable priced  gigabyte switches  in the distribution and access layer, networks can perform and operate at very high-speed,  however it is not enough to have a Core, Distribution and Access layer network at multi-gigabits to boost your network connections speed, this will definitely improve your network experience, however you may not be making full use of the benefit of this speed if you do not optimise the rest of components which interact through the network, elements like SAN, Servers, Workstations, and Printers play a big role in the overall experience. It is very important to use a IT Network Consultant to help you plan design your network, because once you go live with the network it will be almost impossible to redesign your network.

What to expect of IT Consultancy Services

Good network planning and design identifies network risks and also looks for ways to mitigate/eliminate vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers, it also helps prevent future bottlenecks by carefully planning the network and positioning the services in a way that optimise the use of network resources. In 90% of the IT solutions that we have been involve as  the IT Consultancy firm,  there are always a mix of solutions, some based on legacy systems and the new investment, therefore it is key to think which services interact the most and how you can optimise their interaction and save your network resources by carefully designing the new IT infrastructure around the existing legacy network.

iTotalMarketing  can deliver the following IT consultancy services to businesses:

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