IT Security Audit

Is there a easy way out of IT Security Audit?

IT Security Audit can be tricky when you do not have expertise in this field. However our IT Security expertise covers VPN Setup, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Firewalls, Spyware and Malware detection, Systems Access Control, Vulnerability Scanning, and Network Access Control and Network and Systems Security Audit. We Provide a comprehensive security packages to businesses that do not have expertise in this field. By combining SANS Security 504 and CEH methods we found that you can protect your data without causing too much disruption to the end users. This is the best and efficient way of protecting Systems and Network. Our IT Security Audit process is designed to find existing holes in your IT infrastructure using white hat techniques before they are uncovered by hackers who will exploit them.

IT Security Audit plan

Our IT Security Audit plan is designed to provide an introduction to the safety needs from the systems to network  and will describe the controls in place or planned, to help users carry out their duties and also explain to users the expected behaviour when accessing very sensitive information or systems and how likely these systems could be compromise if safety mechanism are not in place. The biggest security challenge in IT is not the systems but the human factor, therefore it is very important to train and educate the users of systems to make sure that their actions do not expose your business  to security failures and compromise the integrity of your business data.

Our IT Security Audit Plan was developed to encourage and enhance  data security and facilitate the adoption of consistent data security processes to help business with their IT Security. Our Securit Audit Plan provides a baseline of technical and operational requirements designed to protect businesses, small, medium and large. This security Audit process applies to all entities and systems involved in delivering services to businesses – including business network,IT systems, service providers,acquirers, issuers, as well as all other entities that interact with you on a daily basiss through various transactions. The Security Audit comprises a minimum set of requirements for protecting data, and may be enhanced by additional controls and practices to further mitigate risks. For further information about your IT Security Audit calls us today on 441733 808404.

IT Security Audit