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When designing our customers website we follow very simple but effective rules for Websites Design that allow us to create websites that rank very well in all search engines like Google and Bing. We follow Google rules of good websites design to the letter and also make sure that your website is not just a nice toy that distracts your visitor from the main purpose  of their visit which is to inform them about your business. We have carried out an extensive study of 80 % of businesses websites around Peterborough (UK) and we have found some shocking facts that we are sharing with business owners at no cost.

We believe that the contents of your website must be relevant to your business products and services, therefore we pay extra care and attention to the content that goes onto the customer website, by spending valuable time to find out the best keywords that you need to use on your contents as well as making sure that your domain name uses a keyword that is relevant to your niche market. We list below some of the rules that we use for our customers Website design in Peterborough and make sure that our customers website works well.

1) We don’t use splash landing pages: Splash landing pages are the initial pages that you see when you visit some websites with flash content. They normally possess a beautiful image with words like “welcome” or “click the link to go in”. Actually, they’re that — pretty vases without any real purpose. Don’t give any of your visitors any reason to go back to the search engine page because they feel that your page is not relevant to their search. This is why you need a UK based expert to help you with your Website Design.

2) Don’t use excessive banner ads: The least internet savvy individuals have trained themselves to disregard banner ads so you’ll be wasting valuable website property. Rather, provide more valuable content and weave relevant affiliate links to your content, and allow your site visitors believe they would like to buy rather than being pressed to purchase. Your Webmaster may not know this website design rule.

3) Possess an easy and obvious navigation: you need to give an easy and very straightforward navigation menu to ensure that anybody can navigate your website regardless of their computer knowledge. Avoid complicated/expensive based menus or multi-tiered drop-down menus. In case your site visitors do not understand how to navigate these sometimes tricky tools, they’ll leave your website.

4) Design the website to help users to know where they are at all times: When site visitors are deeply engrossed in browsing your website, you will need to make certain they are fully aware which area of the site they’re in at that time. This way, they’ll have the ability to browse relevant information or navigate to the portion of the site easily. Don’t confuse your site visitors because confusion means “less happy users who will abandon ship”. This is why we use the best Website Design Techniques for our customers.

5) Stay away from audio in your site: In case your customer will stay on your website for a very long time, reading through your articles, you will need to make certain they are not annoyed by some audio looping sound that is on in your website. Should you insist upon adding audio, make certain they’ve control buttons in order to adjest the volume and also that the muting controls works fine.

For all our designs, we make use of some of the most current CMS tools available  and specifically optimised them to suit our customers preferred needs. For more informetion on Websites Design kindly contact us on +441733 808404.

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