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Lately Internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services have been altered in an exceedingly rapid pace, if you study all the areas associated with effective Internet Marketing, none moves as quickly, or as considerably, as Internet search engine optimisation. The primary search engines like Google and Bing are optimised and updated at regular intervals and the way they rank sites as well as their algorithms are tweaked in a way to make it difficult or sometimes impossible to know what to change in order to optimise your website and maintain your ranking. But at all times there is one thing that is constant, even when changes are made: the Relevant Contents of your website. Most SEO experts do not know that content is king and this process starts with your landing page. Your landing page plays a big part in your website Quality Scoring: this is a closely guarded secret, but the parameter that contributes to this elements are Click through Rate (CTR) and relevance. This is one of the areas on Internet Marketing Services that is greatly misunderstood by many companies. We at iTOTALMarketing use the following methodology to create a relevant contents:

1) Start with a extensive keyword search that is relevant to the niche market
2) Create a domain that is keyword rich using the information we gathered during step 1
3) We create your website around the keyword phrases that is relevant to your industry

Websites Search Engine Optimisations In Peterborough
Our team of Internet Search Engine Experts strive to deliver the best result by studying, testing, analyzing and researching the newest developments inside the Internet search engine community to provide a 1st class service. The smoothness of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process used, means it is only through customers survey, business owner interviews, personal experiences, forum discussions,and marketing partners interaction that we are really able to deliver outstanding results, within a very innovative industry. The key to all is:

Keyphrase Research

It is our core belief and our experience has shown us that every effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign begins by carefully choosing the best keywords and phrases. This is where relevance really comes to play. We do not create websites that are purely optimized for Search Engines, nor do we pick keywords and phrases purely and simply because they will generate high volumes of traffic, this is really the incorrect way of implementing an SEO strategy. We carefully balance customers website’s keywords and phrases between traffic and relevance. The primary goal is to choose keywords and phrases that are the most relevant to the customers business, products and services. Using this method we can be sure even if the Search Engines algorithms are changed the customers website will still rank high and continue to attract high volume traffic.

Our experience has also shown us that an appropriate number of keywords and phrases in the contents, help the client’s website get a good ranking, our focus remains to create relevant contents throughout the client website. We focus on what your customers really search for when browsing for products/services, not only on what you as a business owner thinks your keyword phrase should be or must contain. Our Website are developed using the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles and practices. For More Information on Search Engine OptimisationSEO call us today on +441733 808404.

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