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Although SMS  has proven to be a very effective marketing tool, many still doubt its effectiveness, this is article gives you details about SMS Marketing in Peterborough.   Even in today’s fast paced marketing environment there are still some businesses that think that modern forms of advertising have no place within their business, and that they can’t benefit from it or that it is way too expensive. They could not make a bigger mistake.

The following story is about a very skilled Carpenter who refused to even advertise his services on his vans! He thought that he did not need a website or even use business cards! Now, granted, this is unusual. Quite obviously this man lived in the 19th century.

So what this has to do with SMS Marketing?

We approached him in April of 2011 to help him with his business strategy, as he seems to be very talented .

Fast forward to today and by using our highly targeted marketing tools, his business has doubled!

The strange thing is, this was our 1st SMS Marketing customer in Peterborough.

Now just how did we do this using SMS Marketing?

Peterborough SMS MarketingThe key to a successful small business is getting in touch with your customers in the most effective and direct way possible. Marketing messages sent via snail-mail can be effective but are slow and very expensive. Email is instantaneous but nowadays is totally ignored, or worse, deleted. Text marketing is NOW! Over 98% of ALL text messages are read within the first few minutes! 98% SMS marketing delivers your message straight into your customers’ pockets. But text messaging is not your business and can be a challenge if you do not have the right tools. That’s where we come in.

Mobile marketing combined with local advertising takes a business to another level. And does this for just pennies!

Our team designed and developed a SMS marketing and local marketing campaign just for the existing customers’ of this carpenter. Every time he got  some works from one of his existing customers, he sent them an update using this SMS tool and also thanks them at the end of each project via SMS. He sent them SMS reminders for their next meeting and appointment. Guess what, his customer just loved his proactive communication approach, and this strategy works…and very quickly his customers were referring his business to other people. This is how he doubled business.

You can concentrate on your business while our tools do all the work. It’s that simple! In just a few months from now you too can double your business.

SMS marketing and local marketing messages are viewed as soon as they are received. Due to the comparatively short length of these messages they can be read in a matter of seconds.

SMS marketing is currently an under used advertising avenue, but one that small businesses are recognizing has great potential. Contractors are an example of an industry sector that has explored this potential effectively. By using online services which allow them to send texts to existing customers, they can notify them of upcoming services and even interact with a customer who has a question or need. Talk about customer service.

Rather than buying an ad to appear in the local press at a significant cost, you can simply type the marketing message out once on your computer and then send it instantly to customers you know will be interested.

What else SMS Marketing gives you?

SMS marketing combined with local marketing will help you build a closer relationship with your customers, and keep your services or products at the forefront of their mind. But there is more…

  • Customer support: Deliver prompt and personalized customer support to your customers.

  • Payment reminders: Letters can be easily put to one side, to be dealt with later, but texts carry with them certain urgency and can be sent out cheaply at specific intervals when an invoice is due.

  • Email to SMS forwarding: we enable you to receive your emails on your mobile phone, so you can stay on top of things even when you are not in the office.

Although they haven’t been around that long, mobile phones are now a vital part in most people’s lives. By using online services to send SMS to mobile phones, small businesses can tap into the marketing possibilities that mobile communications offer, and do so cost effectively and efficiently.

Have specific questions about how SMS Marketing combined with local marketing can assist your business? Give us a call on +441733 808404, or Contact us via our website which by the way send us SMS messages and let’s start a conversation and help your business reach its next level using Peterborough SMS Marketing.

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