IT infrastructure Design and Implementation

Do you really need the services of an IT infrastructure Design Experts?

IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation is a task which is underestimated by many small and medium businesses, because they do not see the real benefit of their  network and systems infrastructure. Designing an IT infrastructure is one of the corner stone of any business success in the 21st century, whether the business is small medium and large.  This is the real  key to  businesses peace of mind, irrespective of the the fact that if the business is planing to be offline or online.

As an IT infrastructure design company, we have visited many offices and business premises and as you can guess the IT infrastructure component is the most neglected aspect of 90% of the business we interact with. Many businesses see this aspect of the business more like an expenditure rather than an investment to their success.


What are the benefits of  a Good Infrastructure Design and Implementation?

IT Infrastructure Design, Implementation and ConfigurationOne other aspects of the business which is also neglected is the IT Infrastructure security, many businesses take their IT infrastructure for granted because they only realise of its value when everything goes wrong and nothing is working and that the business starts to lose money. The other reason that business owner do not see the true value of their IT infrastructure network,  is because in the recent years networks and systems components have become very reliable, therefore will operate and not fail for years. This is a good  news for business owners because once they invest in a good technology,  this investment will service them for many years. Networks and Systems infrastructure cost a fair amount of money, therefore it is key to get it right  the first time, without the services of an IT infrastructure designer expert, you can be sure to get it wrong.

In a recent CNN article, there  have been a sharp rise of hacker activity in 2011, this is because most hackers know that many businesses especially small and medium enterprises do not take their IT infrastructure  and security seriously and  tends to install new equipment with vendor default password or default basic security rules. Therefore it is important to use the service of an IT infrastructure designer company to protect your investment properly.

Thanks to Cisco, HP, and Juniper networks  and systems equipment are more reliable and secured  using  most of default configs. Therefore many businesses will ask a question what is the point of using an IT Infrastructure Designer and Expert to install a router or a switch when they can do it themselves? The answer is simple when installing a router or switch alone, yes you can plug it and it should work with the default config. However your router, switch or firewall is not optimised, therefore you are not using all the good features and functionality which you paid for. Moreover when plugged to other devices, your equipment must be configured properly to exchange protocol messages with the rest of the network equipment, for optimum interoperability. Finally  your equipment security is not optimised by the manufacturer, because it is almost impossible to predict every single configuration scenario in a lab environment where these devices are tested.

IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation is a science and you need  few years of experience to master this science, the same principles apply to  IT Security. After 17 years of  managing Expert IT infrastructure designers and Security Experts, we have decided to create iTotalMarketing Ltd to help small and medium businesses  to improve their IT Infrastructure and Security. We use the same consultancy methodology and professionalism than companies like IBM  or HP, the only difference is we have a better customer services, better price and better interaction with the customers. We are also a vendor neutral organisation, we focus our energy on what our customers needs, rather than on what commission we will get by recommending a specific device to the customer.

We have implemented and deployed and improved many IT infrastructure for very large organisation because of our Expertise on Cisco, HP and Juniper equipment and today all these benefits are available to small and medium businesses without the price tag that large organisation will charge you for outsourcing these services to our company. We deliver IT infrastructure design and implementation tailored to the customer needs call us today on +441733 808404 for more information.

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