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What’s Internet Search Engine Marketing (Search Engine Marketing)?

Most of our customers ask us the following questions what is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)? What’s internet SEO (Search Engine optimisation) ? How do you promote your website? Must I delegate to some consultant or perhaps is that likely to harm my website since they are all spammers anyway? What is the difference between SEM and SEO are they not the same?

All these above questions if unanswered make your customers to trust your less. There’s lots of useful information, in addition to a large amount of untrue stories, currently circulating regarding Internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet Search Engine Marketing (SEM). To begin with, let us start  with what they are called: Search Engine Optimisation means internet search engine optimisation (or optimization if you are in the States). In the very simple and basic term it is the procedure of tailoring an internet site (text, website titles, meta data, alt tags, etc) to ensure that the search engines like Google  and Bing will assign a great rank towards the site for specific search phrases or keywords.


Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

However with the arrival of advanced search engines like Google which uses various methods of presenting the information to the public, the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become a very complex  field, the key is SEO optimises website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results,  by incorporating specific keywords, keyword phrases or links associated with the website.  However SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the field of Online Marketing that seeks to promote websites by improving their visibility in  Search Engines like Google or Bing through the use of contextual advertising, and paid placement and inclusion.

We offer a  Search engine marketing guide  that is intended to be both a tutorial along with a general information resource.  This is put at the disposal of our customers and we do not expect them to sell this guide nor share it with a 3rd party without prior consent and approval of iTotalMarketing. This guide is intended to educate and help our customers in this confusing world of Internet Marketing. This resource provides them with some guidelines of what they should and should not do and where they should spend their money for Online Marketing campaign. This tutorial compiles years of experiences,  research and information gathered from others top Internet Marketers  in the Search Engine Marketing field.

Without having time to do-it-yourself acquire our expert help and we can help you with your Search Engine Marketing needs. iTotalMarketing uses proven methods that have been tested and implemented by the best in the field of Online Marketing. Because we believe it is very important  that get up in the best foot  to avoid unnecessary costly mistake for your company.

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