Offensive Security

Network and Systems Security  using Offensive Security

Systems and Network Security combining SMFE and Ofensive Security2011 and 2012 have seen a very high level of Information Security breaches and this has now become a part of the daily news. Members of the general public are aware of them and are affected by them. The impact on businesses has tripled in the past few years with regards to financial losses, intellectual property theft, as well as brand and reputations being compromised.  When these incidents happen to a company, suddenly the company’s senior management start taking the company’s Information Security infrastructure much more seriously. This reactive action should normally be a proactive action whereby every company should be completing Security Assessments every 12 month as this is a critical part of a company’s Information Security program. This process will allow the business to identify areas of the IT infrastructure that need immediate attention. Security Offensive has developed a program that assists specialists and experts to complete the following activities:

    • Network and Systems Penetration testing using Metaexploits
    • Network and Systems Audit using Backtrack
    • Computer Forensic  Investigation

Using a Combination of Security Offensive and SMFE Security Methods and also using tools like Metaexploits, Armitage and also accessing The exploit Database our Teams have access to the most up-to-date skillsets  and the necessary knowledge that is required to help businesses complete a full infrastructure security assessments  and develop a strategy that will resolve the vulnerabilities and threats uncovered during this process. Call us today on 01733 808404 if you want to discuss your Infrastructure Security Assessments. As a leader in Information Technology Security, we will put our security expertise and experience to work for you, delivering a quality of service impossible to obtain elsewhere.

Offensive Security.