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Managed Firewalls Service

Many companies rely solely on Managed firewalls as the only mechanism to protect the intranet or the internal network. Because of this, many sites find isolated secure intranets or the internal network insufficient for their needs, even when those intranets are based on and use TCP/IP and IP (Internet protocol) at layer 4 and layer 3 respectively.


Managed Firewalls quick Overview

A Managed Firewall is a device or an agent which screens network traffic in some way, blocking traffic it believes to be inappropriate, dangerous, or both. It prevents the dangers of the Internet from spreading to the internal network.

Today the Internet is being used for an increasing number of mission critical applications. In some countries key infrastructure are accessible via the Internet. All traffic coming from the Internet or going out from the internal network passes through the firewall. Thus, firewall has the opportunity to make sure that this traffic is acceptable and conforms to the security policy of the site and it is a genuine traffic that should be entering the network.

Unfortunately a Managed firewall does not protect against users who are already inside; It works best if coupled with internal defences, even with this addition, this does protect you 100% against a denial of service from the inside or outside.

A Managed firewall can be also used internally, to divide parts of a site from each other when these parts have distinct security needs. this process some times improve the security of an internal network.

The introduction of a firewall must not cause unintended failures of legitimate traffic and standards-compliant usage that would work were the firewall not present.

It is perfectly permissible for a firewall to provide additional facilities, which applications can use to authenticate or authorise various sorts of connections, and for the firewall to be configurable to require the use of such facilities.

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Managed Firewalls